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Old English Wæter-hord at Midsummer Water Day

The Old English Wordhord returns, this time to Somerset House for Amy Sharrocks’s ‘Museum of Water’ exhibition…

Old English Wordhord

Pictures from today’s Old English Wæter-hord at Somerset House, a Midsummer Water Day event.

IMG_4924 Old English magnetic poetry: fantwæter nicor lagufæðme lagu baptismal water – water monster (hippo?) – watery embrace – WATER!

IMG_4925 Wordhorders tweeted their favourite Old English water words throughout the day.

IMG_4926 A more extensive Old English water poem with a German title

IMG_4927 Inventive Old English: mere-cwen for ‘sea-queen’. Also a shark and an electric eel.

IMG_4930 Vicky and Fran reading some Orosius

IMG_4931 Carl and Zach reading about the Flood in Old English

IMG_4932 James sharing the Old English poem ‘The Whale’ — see blog post on fastitocalon

IMG_4934 Jellyfish enjoying listening to Old English poetry!

IMG_4943 Fill in the blank in the manuscript with Old English Exodus…Moses parts the Red Sea!


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