Þæt wæs god blog!

Hwæt ic dō

Check out madeofwynn’s blog with brilliant Old English products and jokes – like this awesome poster!

Made of Ƿ

Let me note right now that I study Old English casually—I’ve never had the privilege of a class, so there are probably errors in the meme. If I’ve mistranslated, please let me know.

To Learn Old English

Block 1: What I think that I do. Picture: Benjamin Bagby of Sequentia performing Beowulf.
Block 2: What my friends think that I do. Picture: awful CG version of Beowulf.
Block 3: What my father and mother think that I do. Picture: poster from 2011 Conan the Barbarian. I never saw that movie, but I thought the picture looked about right—people getting hacked to bits.
Block 4: What society (lit. the kingdom) thinks that I do. Picture: Shakespeare. Many people think that Shakespeare wrote in Old English.
Block 5: What I want to do. Picture: a medieval scribe.
Block 6: What I do. Picture: Student sleeping on pile of books.


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One comment on “Hwæt ic dō

  1. Sé Wandrere
    March 6, 2013

    Wundorful, hit éac biþ swa ic leornie Eald Englisc!!! Swa god biþ hit, séon þæt Eald Englisc ne eall deaþe biþ!!!

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